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12 Awesome Things to Do in Burnsville, Minnesota

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

image of the author, Kristen, and her dog standing knee deep in a lake staring off into the distance

Burnsville is a Great Town

With two breweries, many parks, tons of restaurants, a beautiful lake, a performance center, coffee shops, and a place for skiing and snow tubing, there’s so much to do in Burnsville! Located about 20 miles from both Minneapolis and St. Paul, Burnsville can be overlooked but there is much more to this unassuming town than initially meets the eye.

1. Burnsville Has Two Breweries

Burnsville has two great breweries and each one offers a unique experience. Ineffable Brewery has a wide selection of beers. They also have a food menu with a smoker on-site and a large indoor space with an even larger outdoor patio. My favorite beers at Ineffable are the Hefeweizen, Norwegian Farmhouse Ale, and the Coffee Blonde Ale for something unique.

Bricksworth Beer Co. is on the other side of Burnsville, and they have a small patio and a massive warehouse-feeling indoor space. Their pizza makes them a popular spot! The pizzas come on thick and filling Detroit-style dough, so sharing one is definitely an option. At Bricksworth, I most love Kinda Clever, a Belgian-style wheat beer, and Playboy Mansion, a Hefeweizen.

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